Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What Happened? Martinmas Moot 2015 Recap

Martinmas Moot, A.S. 50
This event report was submitted by Baroness Melangell merch Mariot, OP.  All photo credit goes to HL Tristrum de Kerjean (Jared Bluestein)

November 13-15, Anno Societatis L – Trimarian weather is finally showing signs of cooling off.  We had lows in the 50s which made for very pleasant camping.

Saturday morning, before Crown Tournament began, the Court of Ardion and Lisa was opened, and the Order of the Chivalry was bade to join Them on the field.  The Honorable Lord Seamus mac Dhughaill was called before Their Majesties and was asked if it was still his wish to become a member of the Order of the Chivalry.  Having stood vigil the evening before and receiving wisdom from the Peers and populace of Trimaris, Seamus was prepared to accept the accolade.  Duchess Zephyrine (Rose), Sir Cedric (Chivalry), Mistress Hyrokkin (Laurel), Master Simon (Pelican), and Master Mathias (Defense) each came forward and offered their recommendation to the Crown. 

Seamus was then equipped as befitting his new station.  He swore his fealty and was dubbed once, twice, thrice a Knight.  He received the buffet, and the scroll was read.  A new Knight was made for Trimaris.  Vivat, Sir Seamus!

The procession for Crown Tourney started shortly after that.  Each figher and the consort he championed was announced to Their Majesties, who offered some words to each pair.  The tournament started with the fighters of lower rank challenging a Knight to combat.  It was a double-elimination tourney; each round was best of three bouts.  The day’s victor was Lord Joshue le Charmonte, fighting with the inspiration provided by Her Grace Zephyrine De La Maige.

Vivat, Prince Joshue and Princess Zephyrine!

Their Coronation will occur April 1-3.

The rest of the day was filled with classes and meetings, tourneys and competitions, a rousing game of Happy Hour Bocce (courtesy of Their Excellencies Octavio and Mairi Ceiligh) and a new addition to our fair Kingdom, a Bardic Stroll.  A few gentles, having talent and inclination, wandered about the event site, singing songs to the populace.  It was quite merry-making, and brought smiles to all around.

Royal Court Saturday evening began just as the sunlight started to fade.  Among the other awards and presentations, the Honorable Lady Caitriona Meehan was called forward; she expected to hand over the Kingdom Exchequer’s office as her term had ended, which did happen, but first…  Their Majesties surprised her by inviting Caitriona to join the Order of the Pelican!  (After confirming with Their Majesties, HL Caitriona will sit in contemplation and hold her elevation at Hero of the Chalice). 

At 30th Year, Master Aedan O'Diomasaigh was invited to join the Order of Defense.  He came forward  and accepted the accolade in evening Court, and joined his four new brothers.  Vivat, Master Aedan! 

Master Aedan was later called upon to speak for Sir Cedric of Dorchester as a member of the Order of Defense.  Sir Cedric had been called to join the Order of the Pelican, and chose to receive the accolade on the spot!  Vivat, Sir (Master) Cedric!

As the evening began to close, Countess Jung-Mie was brought forward.  His Majesty asked her to translate some phrases to Korean.  He asked for the translation for “much research”, and finally asked for the translation for “Order of the Laurel.”  Her Excellency was invited to join the Order!  (Her elevation date has yet to be determined.)

So many others were recognized for their efforts and service.  Champions were named.  Stories were told.  Presentations and pleas were made.  As the last light faded from the sky, the herald closed the Court of Their Majesties, Ardion and Lisa.  Long live the King!  Long live the Queen!  Long live the Prince!  Long live the Princess!

Vivat Trimaris!  Vivat Trimaris!  Vivat Trimaris!

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