Monday, November 23, 2015

He Said - She Said

An Interview with Their Royal Highnesses Joshua & Zephyrine

The new Heirs to the Triskele Throne have an exciting and action packed nine months ahead of them!  They’ve already been busy gathering friends and family to help them with the many aspects of being SCA royalty, from planning a coronation ceremony, having new garb made, making sure they have enough retainers for the events they need to attend, and making sure they have time off from their modern jobs to attend all those events.  As if that wasn’t enough, they are the feast stewards for the Barony of Marcaster’s upcoming Long Nights at the Caravan event December 4-6th! 

Something that our newer members may not realize is that their reign will be unique in several ways.  His Highness is the first un-belted fighter (a fancy way of saying he’s not a Knight yet) to win Trimaris Crown Tournament since Duke Gaston de Champvieux won (for his first reign) in 1998.  In the history of our Kingdom, there have only been a handful of fighters who have achieved this accomplishment!  Additionally, while this will be Prince Joshua’s first time sitting the throne in the SCA; this will be Princess Zephyrine’s fourth time sitting the Trimarian throne.  This means that while Her Highness is very experienced at being SCA royalty, she (and all of us!) will get the chance to see the wonder of the experience through His Highnesses eyes. Lastly, Their Highnesses will have the opportunity to represent the Kingdom of Trimaris at this summer’s 50th Year event, celebrating 50 years of the SCA!

I had the chance to sit down with them before things got too busy…

First, I have to say congratulations on winning Crown Tournament!  As you reflect on the excitement of the weekend, what were your happiest memories?

He said:  My happiest, and most lasting, memory is the moment when I placed the Princess’ coronet on My Lady’s head and saw her radiant smile.  That moment will live with me forever.
She said:  I have so many happy memories I can’t list them all, but my favorite memories were seeing him fight his heart out with honor and chivalry.  I was so proud of him!

What would you like the Known World to learn about Trimaris at the SCA 50th Year event that they probably don’t already know?

He said:  That our mosquitoes really can carry you off to sea!  Bring bug spray after a rain!  If our mosquitoes armored up, we could fight themin our tournaments!
She said:   I truly believe that our hospitality and populace are amont the best in the Known World, and we are not just the "swampy party kingdom".  We are just as skilled, talented, knowledgeable, and honorable as the best in the SCA, but we also know how to have a good time at the end of the day! 

Do you have any personal goals for your upcoming reign?

He said:  My personal goal is to put our artisans, performers, and youth into the public eye more. Without their love for our dream, we would not thrive as prosperously as we do. They make magic and deserve more of the spotlight than they sometimes get.
She said:   My personal goal is to reinvigorate the populace and relight their flame - without them, and their passion, we do not exist. 

Do you have any people in Trimaris that you admire and try to emulate in some way?

He said:  Yes, I have several people that I really look up to.  I admire Duke Greggory for his calm composure, and for knowing when to reel me back in. I admire Duke Baldar for kindness he showed me when I was searching to find my way in the SCA.  I admire, and appreciate, Duchess Maisie for her counsel, especially for teaching me to recognize when I need to stop and reflect more before speaking or acting. I think we all admire Master Iefan, well.... because he's such a gorgeous peacock!  If only we could all look that good all the time!
She said:  This is a really difficult question - I look up to everyone for different reasons. I can’t just choose a handful! 

Do you have any advice for newcomers to Trimaris and the SCA?

He said:  Come drink the punch! This is a hobby of hobbies - just when you think you have one SCA interest “dialed in” you discover that it leads you into 15 other projects and interests!  Tired of your job on Thursday? No worries! There’s an event on the weekend where you can teleport back through time to a simpler way of life!
She said:  Simply put, ask questions! Don't be afraid, we don't bite! Just jump in and have some fun with us! We have a place and a family for everyone!

What are you looking forward to the MOST in the next year?

He said:  I’m looking forward to seeing the passion of our Society “click on” for a newcomer - Hopefully not just for one, but for every newcomer and veteran!  I hope to see the spark ignite the flame that drives our people for another proud 50 years.
She said: I’m looking forward to seeing the unification of our populace.  We all get busy with our own interests, projects, groups, and households that we sometimes forget that we are all Trimarians.  Trimaris is all of us, working, learning, and celebrating together! 

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