Thursday, October 29, 2015

On Point: #32

Hello good gentles,

Last month, I asked you to challenge yourself – to get out of your comfort zone and try something new; to be comfortable in a struggle and find joy in it. When considering what to write this month, I had to ask myself if what I meant was clear – what that struggle would actually look like. Certainly, we find ourselves trying new things after a particularly compelling class or when a friend of ours drags us along to a bead-making lesson, and so forth. Since we’ve invested no energy, mental or otherwise, there is often very little struggle there. It’s easy to fail, after all, when we’re not trying.

There are two great pieces of advice I want to pin my writing to – the first comes from Duke Gunnar. I believe he gave me this advice shortly after my lady was elevated to the Laurel. He said “commitment means that, at some point, you’ll want to quit.” These words have remained with me, and still do – commitment to a goal, a person, an ideal, etc, is not what happens when things are easy, but what happens when you’re ready to throw in the towel. When you’re ready to give up, throw it all away, and walk away because it’s become too frustrating – that is when your commitment is actually tested. Being comfortable in the struggle, be it the struggle to master a new craft, a new technique, or your own fears and doubts, means being committed to that struggle – and keeping to it when you’re ready to give it all up, turn off the lights, and go home.

But not quitting, itself, doesn’t make the struggle. There has to be some element of willingness to go forwards, to advance, and to continue. My friends and I were speaking with Duke Martin one evening, and we had begun by asking him what makes a Duke; a question for which he had no easy answer beyond ‘winning Crown twice’. Eventually, after some conversation, we came to the singular definition that a Duke was made by being, in his words, somewhat crazy enough to go the extra mile
- To spend hours, instead of minutes at the pell, to drive for hours to go to fighter practice each week, and sometimes multiple ones per week, and so forth.

Do you want to succeed?

Commit. Go the extra mile. Be comfortable with the struggle to get there.

It’ll be worth it, in the end.

Yours in service,


Honorable Lord James Highgate is cadet to Don William of Aschem and protégé to Baroness Ilene Johnnestoune. He currently stands as the Wyvernwoode Rapier Champion and the Kingdom Hospitaller. He can be reached for comments at

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Awards and Honors: Panhandle Skirmishes 2015

Their Most Royal Trimarian Majesties Ardion and Lisa presented the following awards at Panhandle Skirmishes on 10/24/2015.

  • Logan O Ech Dubh: Order of the Guard, Trimaris
  • Garan Halfterelson: Order of the Guard, Trimaris
  • Michael de Lace: Order of the Guard, Trimaris
In addition, Logan O Ech Dubh and Haukr Kveldulfsson were announced as viglants to the Order of the Chivalry

Reported by: Master Sasha

Congratulations Trimarians!

Heart – Rope – Arms: A dirt-farming peasant’s guide to the occult

Demon Lovers: How to Avoid Accidental Necrophilia & Other Unpleasantness

"Sure, he said 'woodcuts and chill', but..."
Staff Writer: Amenhetep, High Priest of Amen-Re’s temple of Karnak

It begins innocently enough. You are at a ball, festival, or tavern when you meet them – a beautiful and charming man or woman. You have a few drinks, share some laughs, and then their bedroom eyes beckon you to invite them home… But wait! What seems like a harmless night of heady, unrestrained passion may be something far more sinister, or even deadly!

‘Demon lover’ is a general term for unholy, malevolent spirits that feed upon human vitality – usually succubi, incubi, and certain forms of revenants. These insidious creatures possess a variety of dark powers which they use to ensnare their hapless prey, including shape-shifting, bewitchment, invisibility, intangibility, and so on. Demon lovers hunt in different ways, some appearing in fair form to seduce their targets, others simply breaking into the bed chamber to assault their victims. Regardless of their methods however, all are dangerous and potentially deadly; the victims of a demon lover lose strength and energy over time, falling ill and sometimes even dying!

Fortunately however, there are ways to ward against the predations of these infernal terrors of the night…

Detecting & Protecting Against Demon Lovers:

- Never put out on the first date. Hold off a bit until you can be sure that your new paramour isn’t a hideous demon or walking corpse.
- Inspect your prospective mate for unusual features. The powerful stench of rotting flesh, an unnaturally large or cold manhood, and a lack of reflection in mirrors are all signs that you may be dating a wicked, soulless abomination.
- Prepare for a date by eating garlic. If your Lord or Lady is put off by the strong odor, they are almost-certainly a bloated undead husk seeking to feast upon your precious lifeblood.
- Always hang a crucifix over your bed. If cavorting beneath it makes your prospective suitor uncomfortable, it is likely he or she is a vile, wanton tempter sent forth from the very depths of Hell itself.
- Offer your sweetheart a massage, but replace the massage oil with holy oil. If it burns their skin like so much acid, they are undoubtedly a fiendish monster looking to satiate their unholy lusts with your vital essence.

If you discover that you are, in fact, involved with a demon lover, do NOT attempt to deal with it yourself! Contact your local wise-man, priest, or witch, and allow them to handle the situation. Demon lovers are dangerous creatures, and should only be dealt with by those with the proper knowledge and training.

Amenhetep is the High Priest of Amen-Re’s temple of Karnak. He administers the temple’s vast bureaucracy and holdings, as well as the functional day-to-day governance of Thebes, the capital city of Egypt. He also is responsible for maintaining Amen’s shrine and performing important rituals on behalf of the entire country.

Amenhetep has advanced education in all manner of magic, religion, and other esoteric knowledge. He studied at Karnak’s top scribal and priestly schools, and has extensive experience in purity rites, love spells, and death curses.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Awards and Honors: Hausmarchen 2015

Their Most Royal Trimarian Majesties Ardion and Lisa presented the following awards at Hausmarchen on 10/10/2015.
  • Albert the Brute: Order of the Argent Palm
  • Herman van der Brugges: Order of the Argent Palm
  • Sof'ia Zhirinskaia: Order of the Trade Winds, Trimaris
  • Tailefhlaith ingean Gorgmilla: Order of the Argent Estoile 
  • Winfred of Wallingford: Grant of Arms
Reported by: Mistress Finnguala inghean Alusdair

Congratulations Trimarians!